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WeBuild and Entrepreneurs

Who is WeBuild ?

WeBuild is a venture studio for ambitious founders. We combine design expertise, operational support, and capital to turn bold ideas into companies. As a founding partner, we work with visionary founders by providing hands-on guidance with branding and positioning, product design and development, fundraising for future rounds. We also have an international group of investors, designers and operators that can help you navigate the ups and downs of the startup experience.

Am I the profile you are looking for?

WeBuild is a place for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build, launch, and scale products and companies solving painful problems in our markets. You will be the perfect founder if you have a:

  • Passion for tackling challenges in real life in large markets
  • Background in launching and growing businesses, either considered successful or not, from which you have gained valuable insights and want to apply them to your next venture
  • Unique perspective on large, underserved markets that are ready to be modernized
  • Deep expertise and unparalleled knowledge in a sector you are passionate about: fintech, insurtech, mobility or real estate
  • Super strength in a function like engineering, product development, business development, sales
  • Leadership experience: team building, recruitment, strategic thinking

Do I need a startup idea or team to apply?

No — we review and accept applicants as individuals (with or without a startup idea). Our unique idea generation process allows us to select the most promising ideas and test them on the market before you take the stage.