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Contest Timeline

You want to start an entrepreneurial journey and look for funding
and mentoring
You apply to the contest by
June 10th 2023
A selection committee gathers to select the most promising cases
You take part into a video interview and Q&A session to deep-dive project
You pitch your idea in front of our Jury on July 2023
You win and enter the WeBuild program

Why building with us?

We offer you a chance to become the founder of an ambitious startup, with a higher chance of success thanks to our venture studio support.

Funding & Equity
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Funding & Equity

  • Kickstart your startup with up to CHF1M, in kind and cash including a salary from day one for founders
  • Receive 20% equity of the company
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  • Get active support form successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors
  • Maximise your chance of success thanks to our venture building capabilities and ecosystem
  • Leverage our business angels & VCs network for future financing round
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  • Access a vast ecosystem & network of resources, including venture capitalists, industry experts, corporates, potential clients and business partners
  • Collaborate and network with 10+ ventures within our studio to share knowledge and best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we launch this contest?


We are launching this entrepreneur competition as we kick off a new batch of candidate selection for entry into the WeBuild program. This competition will provide an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and earn a spot in our program, where they will receive valuable resources, mentorship, and support to help bring their ideas to life.

What level of maturity are we looking for?


We welcome entrepreneurs who have ideas at various stages of development, as long as they have not yet incorporated their business. However, we do require that entrepreneurs have a strong understanding of their business model and industry. We believe that by offering guidance and support at this crucial stage, we can help our partners achieve their goals and take their venture to the next level.

Does my idea need to be in a specific sector?


Our studio specializes in fintech, insurtech, real estate, and mobility, but we're also open to exploring new sectors. Our two primary targets are B2C millennials and B2B SMEs. Our goal is to create tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of these two distinct groups in Swtzerland.

Is there a geographical requirement?


Our studio is committed to fostering innovation in Switzerland, and as such, we prioritize Swiss market adaptation as a key factor in our selection process. If selected, we will also incorporate your company in Switzerland to further support its growth and development.

Is there any cost related to the selection process?


Participation in The Swiss Entrepreneur Contest by WeBuild is completely free.

Will the price be shared among several winning start-up?


For this batch, we will be selecting a single winning case for this competition. Our team will carefully evaluate all submissions and select the idea that demonstrates the most potential for success and impact. We encourage all participants to submit their best ideas and wish them the best of luck in this exciting competition.

What do you mean by “up to” CHF 1 million?


We offer a funding ranging from CHF 500,000 to CHF 1,000,000 for the startup, depending on its specific needs. The funding will be a combination of cash and kind, tailored to provide the necessary resources to support the growth and development of the venture.

Are you looking for solopreneurs or a team of founders?


Whether you are alone with your project or a group of people, you are all welcome to participate in The Swiss Entrepreneur Contest by WeBuild!

Who will have access to my application file?


All documents you share with us will be kept private.
Only our jury and our innovation consulting firm Fusion Partners will access it.

Who is in the jury?


The jury is composed of 3 Swiss personalities:
- Alain Nicod, investor and entrepreneur
- Sébastien Lamunière, CEO Edipresse
- Guillaume Dubray, tech investor and entrepreneur

What is the process once my idea has been selected by the jury?


This program is designed to help you turn the idea into a successful startup. As a winning participant, you will receive a salary while you work on developing your project. Additionally, our team will provide guidance and support to help you incorporate the business once your project is ready to launch. We're excited to work with you and help bring your vision to life.

Do you have Terms and Conditions of participation?


The General Terms and Conditions of participation in The Swiss Entrepreneur Contest by WeBuild can be found here: General Terms and Conditions

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